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How We Help

NechamaComfort is always evolving offerings and services to meet the needs of families who have suffered a pregnancy or infant loss.

Green leaf isolated on whiteImmediate On-site Counseling (in New York tri-state area)

Families in the NY area can have Reva Judas, NechamaComfort’s founder, come to you.  She helps navigate difficult decisions about burial, autopsy, rituals.  She makes sure you get photos, a lock of hair and preserve memory of your little one.

Green leaf isolated on whitePhone/Skype Counseling at Time of Loss (outside of immediate travel area)

Reva can work her magic via phone /Skype if you are not in the New York area.  She has resources nationally & internationally that she has developed over 20 years and she can assist long distance.

Green leaf isolated on whiteSupport Groups  

Working through your emotions in a small, facilitated group of other people who have also suffered can be very healing.  In 2015, Reva is running one monthly group through the Jewish Family Services of Bergen County.  Details here.

Green leaf isolated on whiteIndividual and Family Counseling (ongoing)

After Reva has helped you through the immediate situation, you can work with her in person or virtually to continue working through the grief and loss and managing to find a meaningful way to move beyond the loss.  Also support for subsequent pregnancies.

Green leaf isolated on whiteEducation, Training and Awareness Programs

Reva has been teaching about how to support those going through loss, working with professional clergy, medical personnel and general community members.  Each presentation is customized to the audience and needs.  Contact Reva to make arrangements for dates/times/travel schedules.  Upcoming events are listed here.

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